Every time I watch one of those hoarding shows it's always people with junk piled up in their house. Well Walter Samaszko Junior of Carson City, Nevada had a little more than junk piled in his house. Unfortunately, Walter passed away from heart problems in May and when the police were going through his house they found his hoarding problem. In all the junk Walter did have something worth some money. Walter had $7 million in gold bars and coins in his house.

It's clear he didn't trust the banks, because he only had $200 in his account.  In addition to the gold, he also had $165,000 worth of stock and $12,000 cash.

Authorities have been trying to track down a next of kin for the past few months, and were waiting to release this story until they did. After months of searching, they finally found the name of a first cousin living in San Rafael, California who just found herself several million dollars richer.

I wish this guy was on the show Hoarders. Just imagine that episode....would have definitely been an episode to remember.