Cancer is an awful disease that effects millions of Americans every year, as many as 1 in 35 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer alone! With odds like that you would think most people would have a little sympathy and respect but an  El Paso teen only saw dollar signs when she convinced her community to donate $17,000 to her through a fake organization she set up called 'Achieve The Dream Foundation'

18 year old Ruth Angelica Gomez is in hot water after claiming she was dying of luekemia she made one major mistake in claiming she only had 6 months to live. A neighbor became suspicious and police began an investigation where they realized that  9 months later this teen was very much alive.She probably won't have much to live for as she is now facing  criminal theft by fruad charges.

El Paso's NBC affiliate, KTSM, even did a  news report to help promote Angies 'cause' - unaware at the time that she was a fraud.

You can read the whole story on Dallas Morning News

I personally think this teen needs to be grounded for life in jail for this awful scheme. I have to wonder how her family didn't notice all of this money coming in or maybe they did. Either way there is definitely more to this story.

What do you think?