This guy just got his tax refund check in. He got one thousand bucks and he wanted to spend it. Well after he spent it his actions landed him in jail.

Last week, 21-year-old Jesus Mata Junior of La Feria, Texas got his $1,000 tax refund. He cashed the check and immediately blew the entire grand at a strip club. There's only one problem.  Jesus is married.  So he didn't blow his personal refund at a strip club that refund also belonged to his wife.

So Jesus came up with an excuse.  He called the police and told them that he'd been robbed at gunpoint by six men. The police searched the area, followed leads, tried to hunt down the robbers and naturally, didn't turn up anything.  They talked to Jesus again, noticed some inconsistencies in his story and he admitted everything.

He was arrested for filing a false report.  There's no word on his wife's reaction. I have a feeling when he gets out of jail he will have some explaining to do.