Now I know my algebra teacher back at Midwestern would be furious with me, but I just found out that simple math can help save me money on groceries.

Would you rather get 50 percent more for the same cost or would you rather get the regular amount at 50 percent off?

I would rather have more and 73 percent of people agree with me, but it turns out that we are actually paying to much for the groceries.

Let's do this like elementary school math. You have 10 apples for 5 bucks, I am going to give you 50 percent more for the same price. That gives you 15 apples at .33 cents per apple - sounds good right?

Now I am going to give you 10 apples at 50 percent off so that makes it $2.50 or .25 cents per apple.

I thought I would pass this on to you since it blew my mind. Every time I see those advertisements I would think more is always better. Well, it turns out it's just more money you are spending.

Just a friendly money tip from everyone's favorite intern.