You hear it every year, if so and so wins that's it I am moving out of America. Well JetBlue would be glad to help you with that trip. By flying you out of America one-way for FREE.

JetBlue is calling their bluff and giving them the chance to keep their promise.  They're giving away 1,006 free plane tickets out of the country to people who vote for the losing candidate. They're calling it "Live Free or Fly".  You need to register at JetBlue's website, tell them who you plan to vote for and which of JetBlue's foreign destinations you'd like to go to if your guy loses.

So far, Barack Obama is leading the JetBlue vote.  52% of the people who have entered the contest plan to vote for him.  48% plan to vote for Mitt Romney.  But Mitt leads the electoral vote according to JetBlue's state-by-state totals 288 to 250.

So if you are one of these people, Eric the Intern is calling you out. Here is your opportunity to leave America for FREE.