The cops in Vermont HAD to know they were setting themselves up for trouble, right? They actually put prisoners in St. Albans, Vermont in charge of designing a new decal for the squad cars of state troopers.  So naturally, those prisoners included a hidden message.  A very subtle picture OF A PIG.

The decal features a cow with spots, and one of the spots is unmistakably a pig.  About three dozen squad cars got the new decals before someone noticed.

The authorities are handling this in a very Vermont way, laid back and completely indifferent.  Vermont's Public Safety Commissioner, Keith Flynn, is a former cop and he says, "This is not as offensive as it would've been years ago.  We can see the humor."

There's no word on what, if anything, will happen to the inmates who made the decals.

You can see the decal above.

[Burlington Free Press]