Taco Bell has finally opened their doors for breakfast after announcing the menu and offering up tasty-looking photos last month. The menu has been tested in small markets for some time, and now we get the chance to try it out for ourselves. This may require going to Taco Bell sober, as many of us choose the restaurant as an option after a night of fun with our friends. Breakfast is served until 11:00am, and though the menu is somewhat limited, you’re likely to find something that you like.

I headed out this morning to grab three of the items to see if they live up to the hype. Here’s what I experienced.

  • Waffle Taco: Sausage

    The look of this taco is unimpressive and the eggs weren't on top as expected, but don’t let that fool you. This item is served with a packet of syrup, which you may choose to dip your taco in or drizzle directly on the product. I’m usually a bit leery of sausage products in general because restaurants seem to either get it right or get it wrong, but Taco Bell has done well. The eggs were fluffy, the waffle had a slight bit of crunch, and the whole package gets my approval. The drawbacks are that this may not fit with the notion of on-the-go eating and requires two hands if you want to use the syrup, so you may consider other options if you’re moving while eating. The taco is also a bit on the bland side without the syrup.

    The Waffle Taco is available in both sausage and bacon options.

    Verdict: I would order this again, but I would probably choose bacon just to change things up.

    Photo courtesy Bethany Lee
  • Breakfast Taco: Bacon

    If you’re really hungry, you may want to grab a couple of these. Served up in a soft tortilla, the breakfast taco is tasty and perfect for the person on-the-go. Unlike a crispy taco with lettuce and tomatoes, this treat doesn’t make a mess while you’re eating it and is easily folded into a burrito-shaped meal.

    The Breakfast Taco is available in both sausage and bacon options.

    Verdict: I would order this again.

    Photo courtesy Bethany Lee
  • A.M. Crunchwrap: Bacon

    Good grief I’ve died and gone to heaven. I saved this one as my last item to try, and I was honestly surprised by the explosion of tasty goodness I experienced. This is another item that may not look good, but you’ll be going back ASAP to get another one. The item is described by Taco Bell as “Fluffy scrambled eggs, a crispy golden hash brown, real cheddar cheese and flavorful bacon, wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla and grilled.” I was skeptical that the hash browns would be soggy by the time I ate my Crunchwrap, but they were indeed crispy and the combination is a win. The size is also deceptive because it’s on the small side, but it will fill you up.

    The A.M. Crunchwrap is available in sausage, bacon, or steak options.

    Verdict: Go out and get one of these. Now.

    Photo courtesy Bethany Lee