Macklemore has a popular song out called 'Same Love' that supports gay rights, so he totally must be gay, right? Apparently, this is a question many people are looking to have answered since the first suggested search when you type 'Is' into Google comes up as "Is Macklemore Gay."


Well here's your answer: He isn't.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis did an interview on Wednesday (Aug 28) with Chelsea Handler on "Chelsea Lately" and tried to clear up all the gayness rumors.

Macklemore said, "Regardless of what the Internet thinks, yes [I'm straight] . . . if you type 'is' in Google, 'Macklemore gay' pops up after 'is.'" But then Macklemore and Lewis said they met on Myspace, so they had to admit that yes, they are in fact gay (they kid, they kid).

Of course, he makes it clear that he is not gay in his song "Same Love", although he does admit that gay stereotypes made him question his sexuality as a kid.

And in case you are still not convinced, earlier this year, Macklemore got engaged to his girlfriend of seven years.

Watch Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on "Chelsea Lately" talk about not being gay: