With all the hype surrounding the movie "Bully" the question I have to ask is, "How much is it happening here, in Wichita Falls?" Please take our poll, especially if you are in middle or high school, or the parent of a middle  school child or high school student.

The movie opens nationwide on April 13th and I was unable to determine which, if either, of the theaters in Wichita Falls will be showing the film.  To give you an idea about what the movie is about, the following is a quote from commonsensemedia.org from their full movie review:

"Parents need to know that Bully is a no-holds-barred documentary that intimately portrays bullying victims' daily lives. While it's often heartbreaking and deals with tough issues like suicide, the movie addresses an incredibly important, timely topic -- bullying -- in a frank, relatable way that's age appropriate for teens and relevant for middle schoolers if an adult is present to guide discussion. Bully's strong language (including a brutal, profanity-laden scene in which one boy says to another that he'll "shove a broomstick up your a--" and "cut your face off and s--t") earned it an R rating from the MPAA (a rating that the production company chose not to accept, officially releasing the film as unrated), but none of the swearing is gratuitous. Like it or not, it's a realistic portrayal of what every middle schooler and older hears every day. This gives the film veracity and credibility with kids, and it will justifiably shock parents.

Bully's most challenging material isn't just the language, but the suicides. Seeing grieving parents and friends could potentially be upsetting to teens and preteens, so they should definitely watch with adults. Bully also addresses the concepts of cutting, physical abuse, and more, but in a way that presents the consequences as well as the behavior itself. Victims' parents are generally portrayed as supportive and loving, while school administrators come off in a much less positive light. Ultimately, Bully encourages kids to stand up to bullies, not stand by, and reinforces the fact that everyone can make a difference when it comes to this essential issue."

Personally, my daughter was involved in a situation at McNeil Jr. High  which ended with the filing of a police report based on threats made towards my daughter and her friends on Facebook and in person.  All because she and her friends were sitting at a table in the cafeteria that the girl bully and her friends, in this instance, wanted to sit at.

She just turned 13 and to make matters worse, I didn't know anything about it until I got a call from the school asking me to come up there to address the problem.

So, is this an isolated instance, or is does Wichita Falls have a bullying problem?  Take the Poll Below:

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