This new Britain IKEA commercial is getting a lot of complaints calling it offensive, terrifying and violent.

The "Time for Change" ad tells viewers to replace their old outdoor space, represented by gnomes, with new, stylish furniture and decor from IKEA. "Make more of your garden," the ad says. "Say no to gnomes." After several complaints from people IKEA has come out with a statement.

IKEA took a humorous approach to the controversy, saying the ad shows a family defying "the ultimate embodiment of everything that's tired and dreary about British gardens -- the garden gnome. We can confirm no gnomes were harmed in the making of the advert, thanks to the brave stunt doubles and some clever post production," the company added.

I honestly do not think this commercial is scary at all, but tell me what you think in the comment section below.

Watch the IKEA Commercial Below: