Everybody loves cute dog pictures.  But, what if that dog was smaller than a business card? EVEN CUTER!!! Most hamsters are bigger than this puppy.  Most rats around your house are bigger than this puppy.  Your CREDIT CARD is bigger than this puppy.

The puppy here is a Dachshund mix named Beyoncé, and she's at a rescue shelter in El Dorado County, in northern California.  When she was born, she could fit in a spoon.  Now, at two weeks, she's the size of a business card.

Beyoncé was one of five puppies in a litter and was born without a heartbeat.  The vets were able to get her going with tiny, tiny chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth.  In a few weeks, she'll be healthy enough to adopt.

In the meantime, the shelter has submitted an application to the people at Guinness World Records . . . because Beyoncé just might be the WORLD'S SMALLEST DOG.

The current record holder for world's smallest dog is a Chihuahua who's just four inches tall.  Beyoncé is currently smaller than that.