What may be the world’s most expensive tea is currently in development, and it’s making quite a buzz. Not because of the caffeine it contains, but rather the poo it’s fertilized with.

An Yashi is the creator of this new tea, and he explains that pandas have terrible digestive systems that don’t break down nutrients. That works well for someone trying to fertilize plants, as is the case with his crop.

Tea isn’t the only thing fertilized with animal dung, such as the world’s most expensive coffee that comes from the excrement of another mammal called a civet. That coffee runs about $600 a pound. The new tea, however, runs a bit higher, with a pricetag of around $36,000 per pound.

That is not a typo.

When this blend will be on the market is uncertain, but chances are I won’t be hunting it down anytime soon.

Would you drink tea fertilized with poo or coffee that’s been partially digested and pooped out?