Most girls dream of a fairytale princess wedding with an extravagant dress, big cake, and a fancy ball room. But not Maggie Rodriguez. Nope, all she needed was a bicycle, three digit temperatures, one-hundred miles of blistering hot pavement and 12,533 of her closest friends - oh yeah, and her groom, Darryl Morabito.

Wichita Falls, Texas is host to the largest century bicycle ride in the country, the Hotter N' Hell Hundred, and participating in this event tends to bring the best out in people, pushing themselves to prove that they've got what it takes to complete this famous century ride.

But Maggie and Darryl wanted to take it a step further and bring a little love into the mix. With this year being the 30-year anniversary of the Hotter N' Hell Hundred ride, the lovebirds decided to get hitched at the finish line after completing the ride - proving their dedication to last at least 30 years as a married couple.

The entire wedding party, better known as the 'D&M HHH Wedding Team'; including their minister, also rode the 100 miles with the bride and groom while sporting custom made bicycle jerseys with the words "With This Ring - I Thee Wed" written around an image of  a bicycle chain ring pictured in the center on the back of the jersey. Maggie and Darryl are both spin class instructors at a gym in Arlington, Texas and the majority of the wedding party are members of their spin class.

When asked how they came up with the idea Darryl said,

"We decided that since the Hotter N' Hell was coming up on the 30th anniversary, this is going to be the mark of our we decided that the Hotter n' Hell was the place - because we fell in love two and a half years ago training for her first Hotter N' Hell."

Of course, a very valid question is how does Maggie truly feel about being sweaty and some what less than fresh for her wedding ceremony?  Maggie's response,

"I'm perfect with that.  I love being the sweaty princess, especially with my team back here.  We're all gonna get sweaty!"

This unique couple met while training for their first Hotter N' Hell Hundred ride so what better place to seal the deal!

Listen to Little Meg's full interview with Darryl and Maggie below - recorded live from the starting line of the ride!

Don't forget to check out the recording of the Live video stream from the starting line and the finish line!