Gee... from that title, do you think I'm a fan of the song "Friday"?  And I'm really not trying to be a jerk about it, but can anyone listen to that song and call it good?  It may be catchy, but that doesn't mean it was a well done song.  Nevertheless, "Friday" became a major Internet sensation, going from 10,000 views to over 2 million in the course of a few days once the song was featured on The Daily What.

After Black's song became the hit that shocked the world, Black and her mother, who fronted the $4,000 for her daughter to record the song and the music video with Arc Music Factory, decided to follow it up with "My Moment", a song rumored to be a shot at those, like me, who felt Black would be a one-hit-wonder who couldn't make a good song without the use of auto-tune.  In the new song, Black gave a more low-key approach and didn't use auto-tune.  Unfortunately for Black, the song didn't catch on.

In November 2011, Black's next song, "Person of Interest" hit and still couldn't recapture the level of popularity of "Friday".

Since her rise to fame, and infamy, the now 15-year-old Black has been pulled out of public school by her mother due to post-"Friday" bullying, and to allow Black to focus on her career.  The truly sad thing is that Rebecca Black isn't horrible.  The song "Friday" is ridiculous and a poor excuse for music, but her follow-ups aren't that bad.  She can sing, at least better than a lot of people we see going out for "American Idol" each year, but her ability to sing isn't what got her in the public eye.  We have to be honest and say that her rise to fame was a lot like William Hung from "American Idol", people loved "Friday" because they loved to make fun of it.  I've heard of school dances putting that song on when its time to get the students to leave for the night.  But why are her better follow-ups not getting attention?  Would you still want to listen to William Hung if he suddenly started singing as well as Bruno Mars?

But Rebecca Black is determined to make the best of her musical career, releasing her last song, "In Your Words", just a few months ago.