This is your fair warning, if you don’t have kids. Sure, they are super cute, and they do tons of funny stuff… but they will turn on you. I experienced my first daddy heartbreak yesterday. Not only has Cason decided that night time is now for crying and talking all loud from midnight until right before I left for work this morning, he has also reached “Mama’s Boy” status. I heard this would happen, but I didn’t think it would happen so fast. This is my homeboy. We hang in the backyard everyday. I taught him how to catch his ball. For some reason, something has changed.

cason13113We were in the living room, all three of us, playing around. We were doing some dancing, and some fun stretches with Cason, when it happened. He went over to Kinsey, for no reason, and gave her a hug and a kiss. He then went to his toy chest, picked up his bear, and gave it a hug and kiss. I wanted a hug too, so I said, “what about daddy?” He just stared at me. Then Kinsey said, “go give papa a hug and kiss, buddy!” He walked over towards me, past me, and again gave Kinsey a hug. So she tried to give him a lil direction to give me a hug. He smiled at me, I stretched my hands out to give him a hug… and he said “no!” and hit my hand away. In the exterior, I kept cool. Inside, I was shattered. Ok, shattered is a bit extreme, but it definitely stung. It was the first time he left me out. We kept playing the rest of the night, but he kept cuddling up to Kinsey. Before bed, he usually cuddles next to me on the couch and watches TV with me. This time, he went over to Kinsey and cuddled with her. It’s like the lil man changed overnight. Hopefully he starts liking me again soon, cause this rejection thing sucks.

To make matters worse, he keeps waking up during the night lately. We think he is teething. I used to be the Baby Whisperer, and could calm him down with no problem when he flipped out. Kinsey would tell me how crazy good I was with that, because when she would try, he would not calm down. This has now flipped. She is the calming force now. Maybe its my lack of sleep that is getting me grumpy, but Kinsey has even less sleep because of the baby making her back hurt, and she is in great spirits. I also think that his daddy betrayal caused me to have a dream where Kinsey was getting a hickey on her lower back from some dude. I know, it was a random dream, but I did wake up slightly mad at her for it, or maybe I woke slightly mad because Cason was crying… I don’t know, I am super confused lately. haha! Good times.