Bio dad’s fam has left the building, except for bio sis, who leaves today. But, they did not go quietly! There was one last bit of craziness that took place. Kinsey and I were on our way to pick them up at their hotel, to make our way to the airport. When we arrived to the hotel, a fire truck was pulling up at the same time. Lights on and errrthang! The building had people coming out of it, the alarm was going off, and the lights inside the building were flashing like some dance party was going down. Not once did I think our family had anything to do with it. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Don’t worry, nothing health related happened… except for the heart attack bio dad almost had because of it. So here is what happened. Bio dad, his wife, and my two little brothers are downstairs.fire_pull Bio dad is holding the baby. His wife noticed they forgot something up in the room, so she went up to get it. My four year old lil’ bro was put in charge of watching the bags, which he did a wonderful job with, until he saw a shiny red thing that said “pull”. He does know how to speak some English to go along with his French and Spanish. So when he sees “pull”, guess what he does? Yup, he pulled it. Once he noticed he had messed up, he ran back to the luggage, sat down, and pretended like nothing had happened. I guess he neglected the fact that it also said “in case of an emergency”. So, lil’ brother learned a valuable lesson: do not pull fire alarms when there is no fire.

No word if my family will be allowed back to that hotel next time they visit, haha.