It's no secret that people have been talking non stop about Beyonce and Jay-z's unborn boy or girl but did you know the billion dollar baby was talking back? This  hilarious fictional twitter account called "Beyjayfetus" claims Beyonce some how swallowed a black berry and little Jayonce (I'm really hoping that they name him or her that) has access to the outside world and a lot to say about it here are some of the baby's best moments so far  from

BeyJayFetus: "It doesn't matter what I look like these millions will make me look a lot better"

"Wasn't feeling all those belly rubs at the VMA's"

“This regurgitated birthday cake is delicious. #Happy30thBeyonce”

“Beyonce is my ride for the next few months. And yours is?”

“I better be one of Oprah’s favorite things next year”

“I AM… Baby Fierce.”

This baby is going to be first class and Court side for life... Is it wrong to be jealous of a fetus?

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