Yes, you read that correctly. I am excited literally over baggage. I ordered a new suitcase and I am anxiously waiting on its’ arrival. Just really hoping it comes before Friday since the whole reason I ordered it is this upcoming 12 day trip to LA. I have been using the same cheap suitcase for years and it just isn’t getting the job done. I know just by lifting it when it’s at 49.5 pounds and I’ve gotten pretty good at stuffing it to the max. I need bigger. I’m going from 26″ to 31″. I am really hoping that my new Samsonite allows for extra packing. By extra packing I mean shopping of course.

kanyeI gave crazy Kanye West some of my hard-earned money yesterday for his ego-trippy album Yeezus. I kind of hate that any drive I have is only long enough to listen to one song. Do you ever find yourself just wanting to go on a cruise? I go the long way at least once a week and listen to good new music and I find that it gives me a bit of serenity. I don’t how a song called, “Blood on the Leaves” gives me peace but it does. I can’t give a full review of this album yet because I’ve only listened to half of the songs and I give an album at least 3 full listen-throughs before I decide. It’s intense, he’s a madman and perhaps I’m in the minority, but I think he’s a genius. Never have I seen someone who seems like he couldn’t care less about what others think, yet he also cares so much.