I always feel disappointed by birthdays, usually because the expectations are too high. This year I decided to just roll with whatever. I told my close friends that all I wanted and cared about was going to a big group dinner. I really like dinner. By really, I mean it’s probably my favorite thing to do. I like dressing up and going to long dinners more than I like parties, bars, clubs…well unless it’s a nice hotel;) Tonight is my “birthday dinner” since jennabdayit’s Friday, but last night Holland got my mom and 2 of my other closest girlfriends together so we could try out a new restaurant that none of us have been to yet. They know me too well, because this restaurant has barbeque brisket and special pickles which is my favorite kind of food, other than mexican which we are doing tonight. I don’t care for presents as much as I care for the company. It was such a great night. We didn’t party after and we just sat around for 3 hours and talked and laughed and it was just the perfect way to end the day. Jeez, think my antidepressants are working? :) Though I never thought I’d be the girl birthday type, having 2 dinners in a row. At least I’m not doing, “it’s my birthday week!” or worse, “my birthday month!”. But what the hell am I going to wear tonight? Last minute…typical. I ran into my dentist who must be trying to get more business from me because he sent over tons of desserts after dinner. Dentists love sugar haha. I try to be polite about the birthday desserts when the truth is, I like birthday meat more. Unfortunately, last night I could barely eat anything. For the last 48 hours I have hardly eaten a whole piece of food. This invisalign is killing me. I was telling someone yesterday that it feels like the movie Hostel: al-Qaeda edition is in my mouth. UGHHH. What did I think this was going to be like? It’s moving my teeth in 6 months. Of course it’s going to hurt. Let me whine here. I’ll stop after today.