Jennifer Aniston has a sex tape?

Nah, we're not that lucky.  Although Brad P. probably has one stashed away somewhere for a rainy day, for now we will have to settle for this video of  Jennifer Aniston taking aim at today's marketing strategies in a new video ad campaign for SmartWater.

In the YouTube video, Aniston appears with a series of viral video stars -- like the Double Rainbow guy, lip-syncer Keenan Cahill -- and alongside proven marketing gimmicks like babies and puppies in an attempt to force the video to go viral, or 'get a virus' as Jennifer puts it.

With over 800,000 views in one day, Naming the video 'Jennifer Aniston's Sex Tape' may be the single most effective way to ensure that it does go viral.

Maybe that overpriced fancy bottle of water really is smart.