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Jimmy Kimmel aired a bit earlier this week that has Kanye West very upset. In the bit, Kimmel had two kids re-create the interview that West did with the BBC. The actual transcript from the interview was used for the bit, so words weren’t changed around to fit some ulterior motive that Kimmel may have, yet West is now up in arms about it and blowing up Twitter with rants and slams directed toward the comedian.

Here’s where it all started:

Something about that bit has West in a tizzy and prompted a phone call from him to Kimmel, asking Kimmel to apologize for the bit. Here’s how Kimmel responded:

My opinion: West is acting like a child. It’s a comedy bit and he needs to get over it. Acting like a bully doesn’t have the rest of us shivering in fear, it has us laughing at you. There is a chance, however, that the feud is a bit, much like the twerking disaster.