Jimmy Kimmel gets it. When people have a camera and microphone in front of them, they want to have something to say. He had a reporter take to the streets to ask passersby about the finale of “Dancing With the Stars” to get viewer reactions, even though the finale hadn’t even aired. You might guess that people were confused because the season 17 premiere took place on Monday, yet these witnesses were asked about the show before even the premiere aired. It’s his latest segment of Lie Witness News!

The reporter got specific with her questions, starting with where viewers watched the show, then got more specific when asking about Bill Nye’s “Electric Slide” or Leah Remini dancing topless. You might think people would catch on when she asked about Jimmy Kimmel’s performance, but they didn’t, nor did they give him glowing marks.

If you were asked about a show you had never seen, would you still try to sound intelligent while talking about it?