The only time someone shows you a first pitch is when it is a bad one. You would think a Heisman trophy wining quarterback could throw a baseball? Well, you would think that.

If you were at the Rangers and Angels game on Sunday you were in for a treat. Especially if you are a Texas A and M fan. Johnny Manziel was in the house to throw out the first pitch and most fans would think it would be a piece of cake for him. He does have the arm to get it to the plate, but if I can steal a quote from one of my favorite movies. "It was just a bit outside." Johnny's throw was so off the catcher had to jump up and go left to prevent it from hitting the backstop.

Now afterwards it sounds like some fans did boo him. Not sure if they like the Longhorns or just making fun of the throw. Either way it was a bad pitch. Well for you Ranger fans they won the game, so this awful start to the game did not jinx the Rangers.

Watch Manziel's First Pitch Below: