Nothing worse than someone breaking their own rule that they made up. Well a judge broke one of his own rules and he followed through with the punishment he created.

Raymond Voet is a district court judge in Ionia, Michigan. He has a strict policy that if your cell phone goes off in the courtroom, he'll hold you in contempt of court. On Friday, during a trial, a phone went off in Voet's courtroom.  There was only one problem, it was his cell phone.

To his credit, he stuck by his rules and held himself in contempt of court.  He hit himself with the standard $25 fine. Voet says he just switched from a BlackBerry to a Windows phone, and he must've bumped the phone. "That's an excuse, but I don't take those excuses from anyone else.  I set the bar high, because cell phones are a distraction and there is very serious business going on . . . I broke the rule and I have to live by it."

Good job Mr. Voet. I know I would have called him out if I was working in the courthouse, may not have called him out if I was on trial though.