Congratulations to our July online VIP contest winners!

Words of the Day: Kim McKelvey, Jose Diaz, Donna Miller
TNA Impact Wrestling 5-Pack: Misty Ralston
$50 Rib Crib: June Patterson
Schlitterbahn 5-Pack: Jennifer Herpeche, Heather Routon
Gas Grill: Dawn Zuhlke
$500 Visa Card: Amanda Stampley
Nest Thermostat: Meghan Martin
$300 Hilton Gift Card: Monte Slockett
$100 Target Gift Card: Gretchen Walker
$100 Home Depot Gift Card: Tom Mays
Stainless Steel Kegorator: Mark Frisch
Summer Take-off ($400 Visa Card): Clint Williams)
Kindle Fire HD: Jon Vierzen

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