Hasn't Justin Bieber been in enough headlines the past two weeks? I mean seriously why can't this kid get his act together? I'm sure being relentlessly pursued by the paparazzi can get a little tiring but you should still behave yourself. So join us as we continue to follow Bieber on his tour around the world and as he continues to make headlines.


So what is it today? Well, Bieber has been kicked out of yet another nightclub, this time from the Passage nightclub in Vienna, Austria. Apparently his entourage got a little too rough with a few Beliebers in the club.

According to the Austrian Times, the events occurred early Saturday Morning and according to the nightclubs management, Biebers bodyguards smashed cameras belonging to clubgoers, destroyed cellphones, and supposedly groped some young female fans who reportedly left in tears.

That still didn't stop him from performing in front of a sold out crowd later that day. Check out the opening from his show below.

So what will the young Canadian pop star do next? Where will he be banned from tonight? I know we are all waiting to see if he stirs up more trouble in Germany, where his next four shows will be before he moves on to France and Belgium to carry on his tour.