Back in May, we heard that Justin Bieber wasn't the most popular guy on the set of CSI.  CSI star Marg Helgenberger was reportedly irritated with Bieber's practical jokes and disrespectful behavior, calling Bieber a brat.  Though Bieber denied his antics, we are hearing similar reports from Bieber's recent visit to Australia. 

Reportedly, while preparing for a performance on the morning talk show "Sunrise", Bieber told the floor manager, "Don't ever f***ing touch me again," when he was told where to perform.  Afterwards, Bieber's sound tech told the stage manager to not take offense as its something Bieber says to his crew on a regular basis.  Though Bieber denies the allegations, the "Sunrise" co-host and seven other show employees confirmed the story.  In response to the story, Bieber posted on Twitter,

"I know my friends family and fans know the person I am. Hearing adults spread lies and rumours is part of the job I guess."

'But all I have to say is... kill em with kindness.'

There are also reports of another Diva incident with Bieber on a recent flight from L.A. to Asia.  Bieber apparently gave the flight crew a hard time, refusing to cooperate when asked to take his seat and prepare for take off.  A source from the flight told Fox News that Bieber gave the staff a hard time during the entire flight which concluded with the pilot intoducing himself and politely asking for an autograph, to which Bieber rudely refused.

via Fox News