I remember watching the royal wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. I thought she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen, and just like countless other girls across the globe, I wanted to be a princess. After growing up and realizing how much crap Diana got for her hair, nails, clothing, etc., it really faded the dream of wanting to be royalty. One of the topics that the press loved... her weight.

Now Kate Middleton is going under fire for her weight as well, though people are saying she's TOO thin. My theory? In 6 months they'll be saying that she gained 5 pounds and she's obviously feeling "comfortable" with marriage. I feel terrible for this young woman.

Sure, she knew she would be scrutinized over everything when she took on this role, but it doesn't mean that she wants the attention. Just like many women before marriage, she's probably lost a few pounds. If she hadn't lost any weight, she would probably be bashed for that as well.

In front-page newspaper photographs, Middleton appears to be in good health if slightly slimmer than usual, but reporters heard many in the Belfast crowd of well-wishers on Tuesday making comments that she looked a bit gaunt.

The palace won't comment on Kate's weight, but this has been said:

Even if Middleton is not dieting, it would not be uncommon or worrying for her to lose several pounds in the weeks before the wedding simply because of nerves, said Mark Niemierko, a top London wedding planner who has seen clients lose weight unexpectedly in the final days before the ceremony.

In my humble opinion, I don't care about her weight and if she gained 30 pounds before the wedding I wouldn't knock her for it. I do wish them the best, however, and hope that on her wedding day, the press will comment on the positive and forego the negative.

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