The sudden loss of beloved radio host Kidd Kraddick has no doubt affected many. As Kidd's friends, family and listeners alike continue to mourn, 'Kidd Kraddick in the Morning' co-host Kellie Rasberry posted a heartfelt statement about the loss of her good friend to her Facebook page.

Kellie shared her memories of when she and Kidd first met and said that they "shared an unconditional love" despite being able to push each other's buttons. Here is Kellie Rasberry's statement in its entirety:

"My heart is broken. Nineteen years ago, Kidd Kraddick swept me up from the middle of nowhere and took me on as his on-air wife. It will always be the biggest honor of my life. This man is responsible for every good thing that has ever happened to me. Don't get me wrong -- that man could make me so angry, I could spit. And he LOVED doing that to me. Every single day, I was sure he was going to fire me. And every single day, he was sure I was going to quit. But I could never leave Kidd, and he knew that. While we pushed each other's buttons, we truly shared an unconditional love.

KIdd Kraddick will always be the love of my life.

Nineteen years ago, my first words to Kidd were, "You're short." (It's a long story.) But his last words to me - well, ABOUT me, to the photographer -- "Does Kellie think to herself, 'I'm probably going to be taking pictures next to Kidd today so I am going to wear the tallest heels I can find!'"

Yes, Kidd. I absolutely did that on purpose. And when I see you in Heaven, I'll still be taller.

I am so grateful for my faith and the knowledge that I will fuss at that man in Heaven again some day.

I will always love you, Kidd Kraddick."

- Kellie Rasberry