Today we have seen some crazy "bridezillas", but it seems like Kelly Clarkson is a very excited bride to be.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman glowing with love, and Kelly Clarkson is beaming on her new song “Tie It Up.” The new song that boasts electric and acoustic guitar, hand claps. and a driving kick-drum, Clarkson sings about a love-at-first sight encounter that quickly progressed to marriage.

She sings, “First date first kiss, we were checkin’ off the list/Then you were gettin’ down on your knee.” In the chorus, she shows no Bridezilla tendencies as she happily sings about the joys of wedding planning, “Let’s set the date/Let’s hire a band/Let’s cut the cake.” She can’t hide her excitement, singing, “Can’t wait for forever to start.”

Check Out a Sample of Kelly Clarkson's "Tie It Up" Below: