In Kentucky they take their Bingo very seriously.

Lets be honest when your parents take you to Bingo with them as a kid. In your head you just want to yell it so bad. Well this kid did simply that and could face jail time if he does it again.

Last month, Austin Whaley walked into a local bingo hall filled with patrons, many of them elderly women. Whaley shouted the word "Bingo!" as a joke, causing no small amount of kerfuffling among the patrons, according to KETV.

It might have gone down as just a harmless prank. Unfortunately for Whaley, Park Hills Police Sgt. Richard Webster was working off-duty security detail at the time. Webster cited Whaley for disorderly conduct. About a month later, Whaley appeared before District Judge Douglas Grothaus, who ordered Whaley to not say the word "bingo" for six months. If Whaley fails to comply, he could face 90 days in the big house and a $250 fine. If Whaley follows through, the judge said the charge would be dropped.

I am glad that taxpayers money in Kentucky went to a good court case because we have to get these Bingo troublemakers off the streets.

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