Another week, another bit of casting news for the new Superman movie. Not only have we found out who the villian for the movie will be and who will be playing him, but the title of the film has been confirmed, "The Man of Steel". Today, director Zack Snyder confirmed Academy Award Nominated actor Michael Shannon for the role of General Zod.

"Zod is not only one of Superman's most formidable enemies, but one of the most significant because he has insights into Superman that others don't. Michael is a powerful actor who can project both the intelligence and the malice of the character, making him perfect for the role."

Still waiting to hear who will be playing the roles of Ursa, Zod's girlfriend, and Non, the third Kryptonian banished to the Phantom Zone by Superman's father Jor-El. Early reports had "Inglorious Basterds" star Dianne Kruger as a front runner for Ursa, however Howard Stern, hopefully as a pooly executed April Fool's joke, has been saying Lindsey Lohan was up for the role.  Other than Shannon, the only other confirmed cast members include Henry Cavill as Superman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, and Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Jonathan and Martha Kent.