Lady Gaga has been dethroned as the most followed person on Twitter, losing her top spot Monday night, which she has held since 2010, to none other than Justin Bieber. But how many followers does it take to be number one? Well Bieber has a total of 33,337,997 Beliebers following his every tweet while Gaga only has 33,332,282 Little Monsters following hers. Both of these are huge numbers and to put that in prospective, our great state of Texas only has 29 million people living here, a number they both passed a while ago. But what about Facebook? Well Gaga still holds that top spot with 55 million likes while Bieber trails with only 51 million.

According to Twittercounter, which keeps track of the 100 most followed people on the social media website,  the Biebs is pulling in 37,000 more followers everyday, while Gaga is close behind with 29,000 new followers a day so don't be to surprised to see these two icons flip flop a few times as the year goes on.

Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Jingle Ball 2012

Only three people have managed to crack that 30 million followers mark, Gaga, Bieber and fellow musician Katy Perry. So who else made the list? see for yourself.

You can check out the top 10 most followed people below or to see the complete list of 100 people Click Here!

#1. Justin Bieber - 33,379,659 followers

#2. Lady Gaga - 33,360,890 followers

#3. Katy Perry - 31,518,784 followers

#4. Rihanna - 27,963,026 followers

#5. President Obama - 26,226,291 followers

#6. Britney Spears - 23,390,060 followers

#7. Taylor Swift - 23,227,266 followers

#8. YouTube - 22,268,913 followers

#9. Shakira - 19,445,119 followers

#10. Kim Kardashian - 17,240,917 followers