Lady Gaga has released the highly-anticipated official video for “Applause.” In the clip we see Ma Monster rocking dozens of different looks, including that of a black swan (or is it a goose?). She looks stunning in the video and proves with her dance moves that she’s back in full force after her hip injury.

The video was released on Good Morning America, where she stated:

When we were on set, we did a lot of different looks in the studio. But they're each representative of different parts of me. We put this clown on my face in an ode to the Jester. When I was performing on the set, I started to feel really emotional and sad because I hadn't seen my fans in a really long time. I truly miss them, so I took my hand and I smudged the makeup down my face like tears. Not that I live for attention, but I live for making you happy. And that's when the applause happens.

“Applause” comes from her upcoming album ARTPOP, which hits stores on November 11. Fans can pre-order the CD, along with bundles that offer up extras.