Can we just all agree that Lady Gaga has officially lost her mind?

Arriving at the YouTube Awards on Sunday, Lady Gaga decided to bring the cover art to her latest single, ‘Dope’, to life by wearing a teeth grill and clothing ensemble that can only be described as “bat crap crazy”.  Wearing a wide-brim black hat, a black button-up leather shirt, no pants, and a set of false teeth that would make Tim Burton run for the hills, Gaga upstaged her own performance later in the night by being just as weird as possible.

While shock value is no stranger to popular music, Lady Gaga has taken the stage personas of Madonna and Marilyn Manson, blending them together to create a physical presence that will be the subject of everyone’s discussions, and not her musical talent, which she actually does have.  No matter how unique and accomplished her songs may be, it will be disturbing outfits like this or her recent flashing of her pubic area while on stage that will be the lasting images.