LaMarr Woodley is a 27 year old linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Because of budget problems, his old high school started a program where kids have to pay $75 to play sports.

Last year LaMarr signed a six-year contract extension that will pay him $61.5 million. LaMarr played at Saginaw High School in Michigan nine years ago. His old school has been dealing with some budget problems.  Recently they voted to implement a pay-for-play program.

When LaMarr found out about it, he decided to write a check to take care of the whole problem. LaMarr is paying the $75 fee for everyone who wants to play sports this year.  The school says it will run him about $60,000.

As a Cowboys fan you are told not to like the Steelers, but this story makes it hard to not like at least Lamar Woodley.