When it comes to gifts, some people are harder to buy for than others. Cash and gift cards are always a good standby if you’re in a pinch, but sometimes gifts like that just won’t do. If you’re stuck on what to get those hard-to-buy-for people on your list, here are a few last minute ideas to help!


  • Lottery Tickets

    Lottery tickets could be a bust for the person receiving them, but it could be an amazing gift. It’s all a gamble, right? With so many options from drawings to scratch-offs, you can go as low as just $1 on your gift. Don’t forget to pick up a couple for yourself!

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  • Box O’ Spam

    Yes. I just wrote that. Box O’ Spam. This is a very polarizing gift because the recipient will either love it or hate it. Spam works great for gift exchanges where you may not know who it will end up with, because the expression on their face is worth the gift. There are also several different flavors to choose from, so you can add variety to the box.

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  • Movie Night Gift Basket

    This may be a bit of a cliché, but it’s always fun to stay in and watch movies. A basket full of popcorn, drinks, candies, and other goodies just makes it that much better. The nice thing about this gift is that you can customize it to the person receiving it, or it can be a generic gift for a white elephant gift exchange. Add movie tickets to make it pop even more!

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  • Hot Dog Maker

    It’s not just a hot dog maker that can be a good gift, but other novelty kitchen items are fun. This is the item that will be brought out at parties and used when a barbeque grill just isn’t an option. Hot dogs on a roller are just tastier, too.

  • Dinner Fixings

    Whether it’s a romantic night with Chicken Kiev or a simple sandwich meal, the fixings for dinner make a great gift. Items that will keep for a while are probably best because the holidays are busy and your recipient may not get a chance to use this gift right away, but having something handy to make up for dinner is a treat in itself.

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  • Batteries

    Who doesn’t need batteries, especially around the holidays? Get a few different sizes, and chances are they’ll get used up sooner than later.

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  • Fun Calendars

    Sure, images of a snowy mountain or a babbling brook are nice to look at, but a calendar like Goats in Trees is much more fun. Stores offer a slew of great calendars this time of year, and you’re sure to find a few that not only make you laugh, but fit nearly anyone on your list.

  • Bandages

    From Angry Birds to Duck Dynasty to Bacon Strips, these bandages make a boo-boo much more fun. Stores like Hastings offer several options to choose from, and these also work as a nice stocking stuffer. The only thing we ask is that you don’t intentionally hurt yourself just to use them.