A little library in Lansdowne Pennsylvania wanted to get kids excited about reading. So they decided to make a song parody video on YouTube. Unfortunately they got into some hot water over this.

 Check out "Read It" below:

So they decided to parody Michael Jackson's hit song "Beat It". They cleverly changed the words to read it. I honestly think they did an amazing job on the parody. This is a well done video that took a lot of work.

On Nov. 19, three days after the video debuted at the dedication of the library’s Ronnie Hawkins Resource Room, they found their three-minute take-off on Jackson’s 1983 hit “Beat It,” had been blocked by Sony/ATV Music Publishing from appearing on YouTube.

They decided to make a new video called "Un-ban it" check it out below.

After this video hit YouTube, Sony and the Jackson estate have unbanned the video. Honestly I do not see a problem using the song it is for a good cause and they were trying to appeal to an audience that is not reading as much. So they decided to make a catchy YouTube video so that kids can get excited about reading. Congratulations Lansdowne library on your win. Check out their website here.