Lindsay Lohan still has a few more weeks before she ends up in rehab for three months and last night, she appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman to talk about her upcoming movie, "Scary Movie 5." But that's not all they got around to talking about.

Letterman made a comment about her upcoming rehab and after looking a little shocked, Lohan went right along with him, mentioning that her rehab doesn't start until May 2. He countinued by asking what she was going for and how long she would be away and she went along with it, for a minute. And when Letterman started asking questions that got a little more personal, like do you have addictions and to what, she put an end to the jokes and moved the interview right along.

You can check out Lindsay Lohan's  interview with David Letterman below, and enjoy her while you can because come May 2, she's off to rehab for three months, if she doesn't have anything else planned for that day. What do you think about Lindsay Lohan? Do you think it's fair that she can do basically whatever she wants without consequences? Let us know in the comment section below.