According to TMZ, LINDSAY LOHAN is posing for "Playboy". And she'll get somewhere between $750,000 and a million dollars.

How much further down the rabbit-hole is this girl going to go? Is a Vivid entertainment video next?

Yesterday, E! Online, reported how she was in the midst of doing a, quote, "top secret photo shoot" at a Beverly Hills mansion that started yesterday and finishes up today.

They asked her rep if she's doing "Playboy" and he said, quote, "I can neither confirm nor deny at this time."

"Playboy" won't talk either.  A rep said, quote, "We don't comment on rumors about who may or may not be posing for the magazine . . . if anything changes, I'll be sure to let you know."

(OK, really, she has a problem and it's starting to get sad.  No acting job means no clothes and who knows where that will lead.  I hope she can get some kind of help, but then again, you have to want to help yourself first.  Just sayin')