Wow! I just almost pulled an all-nighter! Caught the midnight showing of "Cowboys & Aliens" and boy what a wild, wild west ride!  I have to admit, when I first saw the preview months ago, I thought it looked ridiculous and stupid. I like Sci-Fi and really enjoyed Firefly, which I drew similarities to, but there's a fine line between diplomatically keeping an open-dialogue with alien lifeforms courtesy of Cpt. Jean-Luc Picard & just plain ol' unbelievable stunts--like jumping from a horse onto a space ship.  Which just so happens to take place in "Cowboys & Aliens" but that scene, and one other part were the only eye-rolling, puh-leeze parts of the movie.  The rest was action-packed, thrilling, ass-kicking greatness!  Go Cowboys!  I gave a heads-up to my fellow NIN movie-goer's, Joe Cayden, Dave Diamond and Aaron Galloway, that I might let out a "yee-haw" inspired by my headgear. That was THEIR eye-rolling moment : )

Daniel Craig did great as the amnesiac, butt-whoopin' hero. He used those James Bond moves well for this role. AND kept the six-pack! : ) Olivia Wilde is just gorgeous!  Besides the much-talked-about nude scene (don't worry parents, no need for a quick put-your-hand-up-over-the-kiddo's-eyes), she was covered up period-piece nicely.  If there's one thing I can't stand, it's skanking up an already hot actress like they're about to hit Toby's on Halloween as a Sexy [pirate, nurse, small-breasted pioneer woman, etc].  We know she's thin & gorgeous AND a total badass which was highlighted and much appreciated by this female movie-watcher!  I was a little nervous about Harrison Ford's character as the evil, head-honcho of the town who plays coddling father to Paul Dano (freaky kid/man from "There Will Be Blood"). But of course, you can't stay mad at Indie for long!  Love me some Harrison Ford!

I cheered, laughed (more than I expected), & held my breath for a great evening (or early morning I should say!) of entertainment.

Parents, C & A is rated PG-13 and besides the Olivia Wilde scene, there IS a sizeable amount of cursing so you may wanna keep those innocent ears at home.  And thank you, thank you, thank you to the gentleman who hoofed his infant baby-in-a-bassinet into the row in front of us--I don't know if you drugged that kid or if he's just naturally quiet, but I heard not one peep from that little one!  Yay for quiet babies!

Oh, and SPOILER ALERT for any animal lovers out there....the

dog LIVES!!  Although if he hadn't barked so much, little Emmett (played super cute by Dallas native, Noah Ringer--keep your eye on this kid!) could've avoided a certain situation.  For some reason I can watch people getting knocked off right & left but if the ONE freaking dog in the movie gets hurt or worse, I'm a basketcase.

One more thing: the price of admission is worth it just to see all the awesome movies coming up this fall & winter!  OMG I am pumped for the new Mission Impossible which looks freaking amazing--yes, I still love Tom Cruise AND as an added Little Meg bonus, co-starring my actor-love Jeremy Renner; Justin Timberlake in In Time; and Tower Heist with an all-star cast--Ben Stiller, Matthew Broderick, Eddie Murphy, Casey Affleck.

Cowboys & Aliens @ Cinemark Parker Square 14: A-