Robert Sacre was the last pick in the 2012 NBA draft, but you wouldn't know it. He looks ecstatic to be in a NBA uniform.

In case you did not know the Lakers are awful this year. They are 15-20 right now and the eleventh seed in the western conference. Not like I can talk, the Mavericks are 13-23 and the thirteenth seed in the western conference. The Lakers have a five game losing streak going on right now. You would not know it by looking at one player on the bench though.

Robert Sacre loses his mind every time the Lakers make a shot. Do not get me wrong players on the bench always do this, but its usually for a big play. For instance a big dunk or a shot from mid-court that goes in. Robert Sacre freaks out over a simple layup. You can tell he is a team player and even though his team is doing bad he is glad to wear the uniform.

Check out Robert Sacre's Highlights below: