I’m sure you’ve seen the over-zealous friend who can’t get enough of Facebook. I, myself, have been badgered as to why I didn’t accept a friend request that had been made only two hours prior, and I know many people check their pages dozens of times per day. In the case of a Texas man this week, he was arrested after getting into a fight over a Facebook status. He was arrested, but will that cool him down?

It started when Benito Apolinar changed his status to reflect on the anniversary of his mother’s death. Apparently there were several responses to his status, but his wife wasn’t one of them. She didn’t comment or “like” the status, something Apolinar felt she should have done.

When a fight broke out over the lack of “like,” Apolinar is accused of hitting his wife and has been charged with battery. He has pleaded not guilty, but I would venture a guess that he’s at least guilty of being miffed about his wife’s lack of response.

The big question for me is, did she ever go back and “like” the status?

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