Now no one enjoys losing, but you have to keep your cool. You can't just beat someone up because you lost. This brawl got a little out of hand over a game of Madden this past week.

21-year-old Michael Mayweather of Racine, Wisconsin has a history of anger problems.  In fact, right now he's on probation and taking court-ordered anger management classes.  Classes which clearly aren't working.

Michael's 19-year-old brother Abrey lives right near Michael's anger management classes.  So on Monday afternoon, they were hanging out before the class and playing Madden.

Abrey was beating Michael and taunting him. That's when Michael got angry and they started fighting.  They ended up ripping the front door off the hinges, and brawling into the hall of Abrey's apartment complex. At least four people called 911. Both Michael and Abrey were arrested and charged with domestic abuse.

Now I always keep my cool especially after losing in Madden - oh wait, I don't lose in Madden. That's right I'm bragging. If you want to challenge me, you can on Xbox 360 with my gamer tag ogre mad. See if you can take down the intern.