Larry is a 17-pound lobster who's estimated to be about 80 years old.  But his luck ran out recently.  He was caught and sold to a restaurant in Waterford, Connecticut called The Dock.

That's when Don MacKenzie took an interest in Larry.  Don owns a boat company, and he decided to BUY Larry from the restaurant last weekend. Don didn't want to eat Larry, he wanted to set him free.  Don said that because Larry has been around since the early 1900s, "He deserves to live."

So Don took a boat out on the Long Island Sound on Tuesday, and released Larry in an area where lobstermen aren't allowed to fish.  He won't say exactly where.

Don also won't say how much Larry cost, but based on the current low rate of $4.50 a pound, that's still $76.50.  He did say,  "It's the most expensive lobster I never ate."