We've had some weird dreams before, but never has our first thought been to call 911 immediately after waking up.

On Sunday (Sept. 2) 18-year-old Mark Welch of Orlando, Florida had a crazy dream and called 911 to report it. Welch said that he first told his parents that everything that occurred in his dream was really happening, but they didn't believe him. So, naturally, he called 911.

The Orlando Sentinel reports,

A Volusia County dispatcher asked Welch what was going on.

"Something that happened in my dream, and it's actually happening," Welch replied.

The dispatcher again asked what was happening.

"Everything that happened today is actually in my dream, and I want       to prove it to everybody," Welch said.

"What did you dream about that's happening?" the dispatcher asked.

"It's all on paper," Welch said. "I wrote it down."

A deputy went to Welch's house and figured out he was just confused, probably from the synthetic marijuana he smoked the night before, and told him not to call 911 again unless he had a real emergency.

Welch's parents then stashed the phone away so that he wouldn't call 911 again, but that didn't work. about 40 minutes later, Welch went over to a neighbors house and called 911 again.

When asked what his emergency was, Welch said, "The officer told me not to call back. And he said if I call back, then y'all are going to take me to court. So I'm calling back. I have to prove something."

"Cause you want to go to jail?" asked the dispatcher.

Welch said, "I have to prove something to my family."

The same deputy from the previous call came back, and this time Mark was arrested for misuse of the 911 system.

Mission complete, Mark Welch. You proved to your family, and the world, that you are an idiot.

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