I remember eating several lunches as a kid off of the free sample trays at Sams Club. Well a guy got arrested for abusing the trays and maybe ruining it all for us one day.

68-year-old Erwin Lingitz, of Gem Lake, Minn., who says he was roughed up at a Cub Foods when confronted over his allegedly egregious abuse of the lunch meat sample tray. A spokeswoman for the store says Lingitz violated "societal norms" regarding how much he took from the trays, and she might have a point

He was arrested with 16 packets of soy sauce, over a half-pound of summer sausage and .85 pounds of beef stick in his pockets. This, after allegedly filling produce bags with "up to 20 cookies from the 'kids' cookie club tray.'" I don't know the rules, but that does sound norm-violating.

Once again people these are samples, not stock up your pantry with free stuff.