This story hurts to type because I love Medieval Times. I have been four times and I had a blast every time I went. Well a couple on their honeymoon decided to go to Medieval Times to celebrate. Unfortunately what happened that night was not romantic and left one of the newlyweds permanently scarred. 

Last April, 37-year-old Dustin Wiseman and his wife Melissa of Bryant, South Dakota were on their honeymoon in Southern California. They decided to celebrate with a trip to Medieval Times and enjoy the show. They had front row seats for what I consider a really good show.

While two knights fought near where they were sitting, a shard of metal flew off a sword right into Dustin's left eye.  It tore his cornea and left him completely blind in that eye. So he just filed a lawsuit against Medieval Times.  He's seeking ten million dollars in damages.

I hope he does win this case. Honestly what is your eye sight worth to you? Unfortunately the last I heard about Medieval Times was that they were in financial trouble. Hopefully this lawsuit does not push them over the edge and force them to close. This lawsuit will probably not be good for business. You probably don't want people thinking that sword shards will randomly fly off and hit you in the eye.