Now don't get me wrong there are certain things I don't like on my burger. I don't like pickles and I ask for, "No pickles on my burger please." It happens sometimes and I get over it. Apparently this guy thinks that messing up his order is inexcusable and threw a fit.

Jayme John Leon walked into a McDonald's in Oregon on September 23 and ordered a quarter pounder burger without onions. But when he returned home, Leon discovered the burger was in fact topped with onions. Jayme called the McDonald's when he got home to tell them about this. They said "You are entitled not only to a refund, but also to a free replacement burger."

Now this happens sometimes in restaurants, but here is the thing that most people do. You cannot eat the food that you are complaining about. As a manager they do not know what was wrong without seeing it. This is what Jayme did, he ate the burger then drove back to McDonald's.

The manager asked for the burger with the onions and Jayme did not have it. The manager would not give a new burger or a refund since their was no burger to exchange. This made Jayme lose his mind. Jayme threw a drink into the managers face and also broke the cash register in front of him. Jayme was later intercepted by police and has been charged with first-degree criminal mischief, second-degree disorderly conduct, and harassment.