I thought I loved cars, but this guy really loves cars.

63-year-old Edward Smith from Yelm, Washington is a self proclaimed Mechophile. That means he has a sexual attraction to machines, such as bicycles, helicopters, airplanes and more specifically in Edward's case - cars.

Edward's claim to fame is having sex with over 1,000 cars. If you overheard a conversation about a man having sex with mustangs and jaguars, you would hope that man would be thrown in jail. Well Edward has had sex with mustangs and jaguars, just of the vehicular variety.

Cars don't have feelings, right?

You would think that after having sex with over 1,000 cars Edward would never settle down, but he has fallen in love with a white Volkswagen bug that he calls "Vanilla".

However weird it may be, whatever people want to do in the privacy of their own home is their business, but I guess in this case it would be in the privacy of his own garage.

Let's just keep it in the garage though, Ed.

Check Out Edward Smiths Car Obsession Below: